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PAYMENT TERMS: 50% deposit required to secure any event booking. The balance is STRICTLY payable by event start date, or agreed due date as per quote and invoice.
Payment plans are available, please discuss via email.

Where we provide you with a quote for our services, by paying any amount to us in respect of our services or otherwise instructing us to proceed with the services, in writing, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms and Quote, if applicable, and agree to be bound by them. Any details that are agreed upon on the Quote and Invoice are final. Changes to these details may incur an additional fee.


Deposits are non-refundable, unless the booking is cancelled by extenuating circumstances. Deposit amounts may be transferred over to another project if the event is cancelled for any reason. Changes to venue/location, services or hire items, or event dates, that are not the fault of Velvetine Events or due to extenuating circumstances, will incur a 20% fee.


For events booked with less than 1 month preparation time, may incur a 10% rush fee.

Bookings with less than 2 weeks preparation time, will incur a 20% rush fee.


Hire equipment must be returned to the hire company(s) in the same condition as the start of the event,

the client is responsible for reimbursing Velvetine Events or any third party for damages or replacement costs.



By booking with Velvetine Events, attendee(s) assume all responsibilities for any risks by participating in this event and/or activity. The attendee(s) release the organisers, Velvetine Events & any participating vendors or photographers, of any liability for injury, damage or loss of property whilst on set or in the venue. The organisers are not responsible for any injury inflicted upon any participating parties whilst attending this event. Clients will be responsible for themselves and/or any minors and release Velvetine Events, employees and/or volunteers, and any owners of the venue/location, from any claims against their person or their business. 

By booking a shoot with Velvetine Events, your email address(es) will be added to each organiser's databases

Footage and images created and captured at this event are allowed to be used for Velvetine Events' future promotional material.

If you wish for your final images to be removed from any advertising please advise either organiser at the time of the event.



Bookings for photoshoots are taken through Velvetine Events website.

Choose to pay in full or the payment plan option.

Payment Plans are subject to availability and each instalment payment is due by the due dates stated on the event page.

Full payment is required by final due date to attend the photoshoot.​​


Bookings for photoshoot events are non-refundable.

Bookings are able to be transferred to another person, if the purchaser finds someone else to take their spot and advises

Velvetine Events in writing before 14 days prior to the event.

By booking any of the payment plan instalments, the purchaser is responsible for paying the remaining payment plan balance.

Full refunds will be granted if the event is cancelled due to extenuating circumstances or

COVID-19 related issues/government changes, if the shoot is unable to be postponed full refunds (minus booking fees) will apply.


If the event is postponed and the attendee(s) are unable to attend, a credit will be arranged.

This event requires six (6) bookings to proceed, if the minimum amount of bookings is not reached, full refunds (minus booking fees) will be granted.

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