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Bookings for this photoshoot are taken through Velvetine Events' website via the book now link above.

Full payment is required seven (7) days prior to the event. If unpaid, you may not be able to attend the event.

Payment plan is designed for a payment instalment over 2 months:

Payment Due Dates:

Instalment 2: September 3rd 2022

Final Instalment: September 18th 2022

However, you are most welcome to purchase the instalments earlier than these due dates. 

A maximum of one (1) person is included in your session booking, additional humans per slot available for $100pp.

Attendees will be invited to join a Facebook group to arrange a shoot schedule and discuss concept ideas for each attendee.

Attendees are required to arrive 15mins prior to their booking slot to insure the day runs smoothly. 

Please arrive "shoot ready" (hair and makeup complete), and be dressed by the time of your shoot.

Late arrival will result in reduced shooting time, no exceptions.


This package includes five (5) final edits, additional edits can be purchased from Jill Kerswill after the shoot.

A photo gallery of your proofs will be emailed to each attendee 1-2 weeks after the shoot.

Once you have made your selections, Jill Kerswill will endeavour to return your final edits within four (4) weeks from the date of selection.

All delivered images remain copyright to Jill Kerswill Photography 2022. If you wish to sell the imagery, please contact 

Photography Editing:

Standard retouching includes colour correction, skin smoothing, blemish and bruise removal. If there are editing requests of a more personal nature please note this request upon selecting your proof images, e.g. "please remove the birth mark on my thigh" etc.

Please Note: removal of wig lines, natural hair under unsecured wigs, tan lines and adjustments to body shape or clothing are NOT included in standard retouching.

Please speak to Jill for an individual quote. 


Bookings for this event are non-refundable.

Bookings are able to be transferred to another person, if the purchaser finds someone else to take their spot and

advises Velvetine Events in writing 14 days prior to the event.

By booking any of the payment plan instalments, the purchaser is responsible for paying the remaining payment plan balance.

Full refunds will be granted if the event is cancelled due to extenuating circumstances or COVID-19 related issues/government changes, if the shoot is unable to be postponed full refunds (minus booking fees_ will apply.

If the event is postponed and the attendee(s) are unable to attend, a credit will be arranged.

This event requires five (5) bookings to proceed, if the minimum amount of bookings is not reached, full refunds (minus booking fees) will be granted.


By booking this shoot, attendee(s) assume all responsibilities for any risks by participating in this event and/or activity, the photoshoot. The attendee(s) release the organisers, Velvetine Events and Jill Kerswill Photography, of any liability for injury, damage or loss of property whilst on set or in the venue. The organisers are not responsible for any injury inflicted upon any participating parties whilst attending this event. Clients will be responsible for themselves and/or any minors and release Velvetine Events & Velvetine Events, employees and/or volunteers, and any owners of the venue/location, from any claims against their person or their business. All attendees will be required to sign an accident, waiver and release of liability form prior to their participation in the event.

By booking a shoot with Velvetine Events & Jill Kerswill Photography, your email address will be added to each organiser's databases

Footage and images created and captured at this event are allowed to be used for Velvetine Events & Jill Kerswill's future promotional material.If you wish for your final images to be removed from any advertising please advise either organiser at the time of the event.

Velvetine Events strives to create a safe environment during their events and photoshoots.

We welcome attendees of any gender, age and body shape.

To ensure everyone feels their best, we ask that non-paying guests are not brought into the photoshoot space, unless approved by Velvetine Events prior to the event - we understand support people are important!

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